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Services Cadastre Cartography


We offer the making of digital models of different surveyor and geographical map types and updating already existing models. The creation of particular digital models is based on the requirements of the customers. The finished projects are submitted in the required by the customer final format. more...

We make digital models of cadastral maps and also the information related to them. The making-up of these models includes the drawing of the plots, plot numbers, buildings water sites, texts, symbols and all other elements of a cadastral map. We offer cooperation to companies making cadastral maps and registers. We are experienced in the creation of digital models of already existing cadastral maps and in the subsequent information processing. more...

We offer php programming and building of small and medium php applications. You can build some web based tools that can help organize your business.

We offer cooperation to companies wishing to establish new contacts and find new customers in the global network. Our services include not only the creation of web-sites but their maintenance, updating and overall company support in the market share positions.

Creation of digital models of different type of network and infrastructure. Construction of models of water-mains, gas-mains, electricity grids, telephone networks and information processing in accordance with customer requirements.