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We offer the making-up of digital models of different types of surveyor and geographical maps. For this purpose, scanned images of already drawn up sites are used and it is possible that extra information be added to each site, connected with its function and means of use.

The creation of such models includes the drawing of all types of building constructions (residential, production, temporary, in construction and others), infrastructure sites (roads, railway lines, artificial water canals, rivers), underground and overground communications (gas-mains, water-mains and electricity grids), cable networks (optical, telephone and others), signs (indicating forests, plantations, a single tree, posts), all text types (street names, different locations, separate sites), iso-lines and separate quotations.

The creation of the particular digital models is in accordance with the requirements of the customer and the information provided by him/her. The finished projects are submitted in the required by the customer final format.

We also provide updating of already existing models by using ortho photography or other types of maps with extra information.